Nerathi Legacy


Ghouls Crossing

The Shadow Rift

The further musing of the wayward bard
A party in termoil

Perhaps it is the dark place that we have entered, but I fear it is more likely the dark side of human nature that causes our current troubles. While I would be content to know that some men are less honest than others and to keep an eye on those men, my companion, Beldon has taken it upon himself to attack our resident thief, Anthose. Perhaps it is this dark place playing on the dark side of his own demonic bloodline. But I guess that not to be the case. He is violent by nature and chooses to embrace that side of himself. I fear for his soul when his ancestors choose him to serve their dark purpose.

Between Anthose stealing, Beldon attacking anything that doesn’t do as he thinks it should and Mortheus experimenting with spells during life and death situations, I fear for the survival of our party and honestly even the survival of each of us as individuals. This party may very well be the death of us all. How can we fight darkness, when each of us harbors so much darkness our self? How can I influence change in others without becoming like them. I shall have to endeavor to be an example of what is good in each of us. Certainly a person can be good and yet retain their individuality while not letting the world walk over them…

More musings of the wayward bard

Orcs, mercenaries, wizards, necromancers and even a dragon! These are the things the heroes in books encounter. And yet, myself and my friends have had our fair share of heroic adventure as well. Perhaps books will be written about us one day. I know for certain that songs will be written and stories told. Each time we make it back to civilization I shall endeavor to tell our tale.

We have entered the lair of a necromancer. If that weren’t bad enough, this one seems intent on re-opening a rift to the shadowfell. And, perhaps foolishly, we have with us the very tool that he needs to accomplish his evil goal. We have really placed ourselves at the edge of the razor this time. If we fail, not only have we lost our lives, but given this monster the means to bring darkness to the region for some time to come. If that weren’t enough, our “friend” Anthose seems to have decided that now, with the fate of the region in the balance, is the perfect time to start pushing our good will and attempting to steal from us. I shall have to be vigilant and keep one eye on him as we attempt to keep our focus on defeating this evil necromancer. If he is so foolish as to step over the line I have drawn in my head, then I will be left with no choice but to leave him here in the heart of this dark place. Hopefully it wont come to that.

I must get back to detailing these adventures in song, I shall write more soon. Ever the wayward bard…

  • The goblins and Bloodreavers flee the Shadow Keep
  • Party questions a few injured Bloodreavers
  • They enter the keep from behind the falls
  • Sir Keagan and “Akris”
  • The Temple of Bahamut
  • The Hall of Bones
  • Ghouls crossing
Musings of The Wayward Bard
The personal journal of Kymas Dorn

As always when starting a new adventure, I begin with hope for interesting experiences, good food, song, daring adventure and of course dalliances with the fairer sex. I came to The Nentir Vale hoping for all of those things as well as the chance to explore some ruins and feed my craving for seeing bits of history up close and personal. Maybe I’ll even get lucky and find out more about that old banner I’ve been toting around for so long now.

I was fortunate to find a traveling companion in the form of a somewhat haughty Tiefling named Beldon. I gathered he thought that I might be of use to him, but that pendulum swings both ways and I’m sure his ability with a sword may be needed with rumor of goblins, bandits and worse in the area. Beldon also managed to gather others to our exploration of the area. He knew two ladies from one of the local villages that have agreed to join us. They are Daedares, a High-Elf that is some sort of village mystic and Marissa a Half-Elven ranger. Swords, exploration and damsels, I should write a song and turn this into a true adventure.

We encountered a small band of Kobolds that had attacked and taken prisoner a local tradesman. In truly heroic fashion we saved the day, routed the Kobolds and managed to even earn a reward from both the local authorities and the tradesman’s employer. We then escorted the tradesman on the next leg of his journey and shortly after splitting from him managed to save his wife and son as well during an attack on their village. We are truly shaping up to be heroes. And we have managed to pick up another Tiefling, a sorcerer named Mortheus and a human rogue named Anthose. The sorcerer seems able if timid and the rogue has already shown that he has a knack to getting not only himself but also the rest of us into trouble.

We seem to be swept along following the strings of some sort of plot that escapes me at this point. But I am sure that our own heroic natures along with a large dose of luck and the knack for being where we’re needed will see us through this adventure and leave us ready for even greater things beyond that. I need to start getting on to writing an epic song about these adventures. I will write again soon.

Episode 003
  • Securing the sally port
  • The tunnel beneath the keep
  • To the Temple, how did it go turn out like this!
  • The Temple and recue of the townsfolk
  • Finally a bit of rest!
  • To the NW, the prairie hens and the goblins
  • The Bloodreaver’s camp
Now we are Six

So John has joined our merry band of adventurers!

Human rouge, named Anthose

Episode 002
Raid on Greenest

Daedares and Kymas make it back to Fallcrest with Kar. Kar is very nervous. He is worried that his employer, Amara Azaer will find out he was captured, lost the mules and failed to deliver the goods to Winterhaven. Kymas, using magic disguises Kar and the three of them make their way across town to the Fallcrest Stables. There Kar explains to the owner, a halfling named Lannar Thistleton what happened and arranges to borrow two mules to bring the wagon back to Fallcrest. Lannar agrees as Kymas and Daedares are going to escourt him.

By chance a teifling named Mortheus was at the stables hoping to find employment, as he had heard that the stables was the best place to pick up local gossip and job opportunities from passing merchants and teamsters. He offers to help and the four companions make their way back to the wagon arriving late in the evening. The group decides to make its way back to Fallcrest in the night.

Arriving at Fallcrest, Kar confronts Amara Azaer and explains what happened. She is not impressed and demands he deliver the goods as agreed and that he is responsible for the loss of the mules. She does however reward the party for the rescue of the goods, wagon and mostly the strong box. The party decides to go to the keep even though it is late at night.

At the keep they meet Lord Markelhay and he agrees to let them stay at the keep overnight and restock their supplies. He offers a 200 gp reward for information on what or who has stirred up the local kobolds. The next morning they head back to the Cloak Woods to start their investigation.

Assault on keep ruins
Kobold surrender, explanation for raids.
Grick encounter
Horsemen and tribute
Follow horsemen
Greenest in flames, rescue of Lena Swift and kids
Make it to the keep, fighting in the streets
Meet chamberlain and Lord
Recovery of the sally port.

Four Becomes Five

Another character joins the group.


  • Tobby “Mortheus; male tiefling, sorcerer”
Episode 001
Adventure Begins

The party investigates a scene of an ambush and follows the tracks into the Cloak Woods. They come upon a group of kobolds trying to push a full wagon with little success as the kobolds are exhausted. The kobolds are ordered to attack and drive the party away, but fail, the leader escapes. One kobold is captured and questioned, and a teamster named Kar Swift is rescued. Party learns of the Kobold Hall. Marisa and Beldon stay with the wagon while Kymas and Deadares escort Kar back to Fallcresst.


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