Nerathi Legacy

More musings of the wayward bard

Orcs, mercenaries, wizards, necromancers and even a dragon! These are the things the heroes in books encounter. And yet, myself and my friends have had our fair share of heroic adventure as well. Perhaps books will be written about us one day. I know for certain that songs will be written and stories told. Each time we make it back to civilization I shall endeavor to tell our tale.

We have entered the lair of a necromancer. If that weren’t bad enough, this one seems intent on re-opening a rift to the shadowfell. And, perhaps foolishly, we have with us the very tool that he needs to accomplish his evil goal. We have really placed ourselves at the edge of the razor this time. If we fail, not only have we lost our lives, but given this monster the means to bring darkness to the region for some time to come. If that weren’t enough, our “friend” Anthose seems to have decided that now, with the fate of the region in the balance, is the perfect time to start pushing our good will and attempting to steal from us. I shall have to be vigilant and keep one eye on him as we attempt to keep our focus on defeating this evil necromancer. If he is so foolish as to step over the line I have drawn in my head, then I will be left with no choice but to leave him here in the heart of this dark place. Hopefully it wont come to that.

I must get back to detailing these adventures in song, I shall write more soon. Ever the wayward bard…



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