Nerathi Legacy

The further musing of the wayward bard

A party in termoil

Perhaps it is the dark place that we have entered, but I fear it is more likely the dark side of human nature that causes our current troubles. While I would be content to know that some men are less honest than others and to keep an eye on those men, my companion, Beldon has taken it upon himself to attack our resident thief, Anthose. Perhaps it is this dark place playing on the dark side of his own demonic bloodline. But I guess that not to be the case. He is violent by nature and chooses to embrace that side of himself. I fear for his soul when his ancestors choose him to serve their dark purpose.

Between Anthose stealing, Beldon attacking anything that doesn’t do as he thinks it should and Mortheus experimenting with spells during life and death situations, I fear for the survival of our party and honestly even the survival of each of us as individuals. This party may very well be the death of us all. How can we fight darkness, when each of us harbors so much darkness our self? How can I influence change in others without becoming like them. I shall have to endeavor to be an example of what is good in each of us. Certainly a person can be good and yet retain their individuality while not letting the world walk over them…



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